Unique Solutions

for Unique Schools

Safe & Equitable Learning


Collaborative Leadership

Shared Accountability



unique solutions for each unique school

Every school and every student has unique needs, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Innovation: Community Schools Partnership is a joint strategy in Albuquerque that provides data-driven supports and services for the unique needs of each school. 

  • Leadership: I facilitated unique solutions with Community Schools in our downtown high schools in Albuquerque. In partnership with WorkForce Connections NM, I created and implemented an entire self-reliance curriculum on financial literacy, job interviews, mentoring from community leaders and more. 

  • Commitment: I commit to encouraging the growth of Community Schools in the NE Heights and supporting the efforts of principals, teachers, students and their communities to engage in this important educational strategy.


safe & equitable learning Environment

A safe learning environment with equitable opportunities is critical for student development. 

  • Innovation: Closing the opportunity gap with evidence-based policy that works for our students is essential to ensuring equitable learning outcomes. Our policies should look at what can be done to make students safe at home, safe in society, and safe in relationships.

  • Leadership: I am a policy analyst and have worked for the Bernalillo County Commission, ABC Community School Partnership, NM State Legislature, and the WomanStats Project. I know what it takes to create and implement effective, evidence-based policy that builds safe and equitable learning environments. 

  • Commitment: I will work actively to identify and eliminate policies, practices, and cultures that keep students of different backgrounds, abilities and races from achieving equitable outcomes. I commit to helping students be safe at home, safe in society and safe in relationships.


Collaborative leadership

There is a need for parents, students, teachers, principals, legislators, community leaders and others to come around the table to knock down barriers to learning for our students – and we must do it together.

  • Innovation: Collaborative leadership is an important grass-roots model that brings all community stakeholders and partners to the table to ask the difficult questions and solve the problems our schools face, together. 

  • Leadership: I was the chair of the ABC Community School Partnership Data and Policy Committee. The members of the committee included NM Public Education Department (PED), ABC Community School Partnership, United Way, Bernalillo County, UNM, and APS. As chair, I had a key role in working together in collaboration to help solve difficult challenges. 

  • Commitment: I commit to leadership on existing challenges to find innovative solutions - together. I commit to responding to all constituent concerns and ideas in a timely manner.


Shared accountability & transparency

To be successful, the district requires the confidence of the community.

  • Innovation: Accountability, transparency and embracing community voices are essential to building public confidence. We need contextual, collaborative, and comprehensive training on shared accountability and transparency for principals, administrators and leaders. 

  • Leadership: I was commissioned by a joint group of stakeholders – City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County and APS - to create a new way to evaluate our schools here in Albuquerque. I created an innovative and comprehensive database and evaluation system that will be utilized in 39 of our struggling schools in APS this year (2021). This new system will change the professional practice of community school leaders across the district. 

  • Commitment: I commit to building capacity for and leading innovation for our administrators and principals. I commit to transparency in my joint decision making.