Julie's Vision

Julie's Vision

Julie's vision of a safe, prosperous, vibrant New Mexico includes the voices of the people of District 31. She believes in transparent and committed public service. She will hold regular town halls, respond to all constituent concerns and sponsor Community Policy Committees. She will open the House of Representatives to the people to ensure that your voices are heard.

She believes in evidence-based policy that will get at the roots to the challenges New Mexico faces. Julie puts people and policy above party and will work with all people who want results. Julie's top priorities are a plan for COVID-19, Public Safety, Education and building the Economy.

It is time to elect a representative who hears your voices and truly serves you

  • Keep the public safe. Julie supports a multi-faceted strategy to public safety that involves the community and focuses on intervention and prevention. She will also work to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals and keep our kids safe.

  • Julie knows how to create and implement policy that will promote safety in New Mexico. She testified before the United States Congress in Washington D.C., presenting her published research findings of sustainable policies that effectively quell violence. She will focus on the root causes of crime.

  • Education is key. Julie has worked for the Bernalillo County Community Schools initiative, connecting struggling students and families with the resources they need to succeed in school and life. She will be a champion for improving education for all New Mexico students. 

  • Julie understands the complicated scenario facing families, students, and educators this fall. The mother of three children, the candidate personally understands the importance of education and keeping her children and the school staff safe. She is keenly aware of the importance of community schools both as places of learning and stations to receive services and care for children.

























  • Build the economy. As a business owner, Julie understands the importance of supporting small and local businesses. Julie will fight for tax breaks, low-interest loans and stimulus packages that go directly to businesses in need.

  • New Mexican’s must continue to diversify the state’s economy. Continued dependence on oil has proven fatal to the state. Voters must strongly support economic diversification by endorsing new, small, and local businesses; growing tech firms; hemp growth, production, and sale; film industry expansion; and renewable energy technology. Julie will support initiatives that will increase the number of jobs in the State and fund innovative industries. 

  • Our land must be protected. Julie commits to protect and preserve the beautiful land and wildlife of New Mexico. 

  • Quality healthcare. It is essential that healthcare in NM be accessible, high quality and affordable for every single New Mexican.  Julie supports attracting more physicians to NM, rebuilding our behavioral health system and elderly care. 

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My Story

There was a pivotal moment in my journey that helped me decide to run for office. A few years back, I was working doing international policy analysis for non-profits. I received a good offer from Texas A&M to continue doing research, but I felt called to turn myself towards my community and use my skills, talent and passion to help my neighbors. I turned down the research job and took a job at ABC Community Schools here in ABQ. I received training from New Mexico WorkForce Connections and got to work creating a resiliency and employment training curriculum for inner-city High School students. One day, while visiting a downtown High School, I was pulling my car into the parking lot. Two men jumped out in front of my car with a metal bat and metal pipe and began a duel. I called 911. I couldn’t back up as there was a line of cars behind me. I heard gun shots. One of the men was shot. I miraculously got out alive. As I hugged my husband, still shaking, my first instinct was to quit my job, return to my relatively safe house in the North East Heights and be done working in this community. But when I got home and hugged my kids, I realized that my children deserve a safe New Mexico. My children deserve a quality education here. My children deserve accessible and affordable health care. My children deserve a clean environment. All kids deserve these things. I decided that instead of quitting, I would continue to fight for all kids in our community. I would not be complicit by being complacent. And with my experience, character and talents, I knew that the best way for me to continue that fight is by representing my family and yours in State Legislature.

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