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ABC Community School pARTNERSHIP

Julie was the Chair of the ABC Community School Partnership Data and Evaluation Committee. She worked with members of the committee from the NM Public Education Department (PED), ABC Community School Partnership, United Way, Bernalillo County, UNM, and APS. As chair, she had a key role in working collaboratively to help solve difficult challenges.

One of these unique challenges was to find a better way to measure the success of our schools. Julie was commissioned by a joint group of stakeholders – City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County and APS - to create a new way to evaluate our schools here in ABQ. Julie created a comprehensive database and evaluation system that will be used this year (2021) in 39 of our struggling schools in APS. This innovative system will change the professional practice of community school leaders across the district. 


Another unique need Julie addressed was when high school students indicated their need for employment and college-ready skills. Julie worked in our downtown high schools in Albuquerque to find innovative solutions. In partnership with WorkForce Connections NM, she created and implemented a complete self-reliance curriculum that included age-appropriate lessons on financial literacy, job interviews, mentoring from community leaders and more.


Policy Analyst NM State Legislature

Julie was asked to be a policy analyst for the NM State Legislature for the Consumer and Public Affairs Committee. In this position, Julie synthesized a large amount of data, agency reports and peer-reviewed research to analyze dozens of important legislation that impact our communities. She has become a content policy expert on topics from health to public safety to women's issues. She will bring this breadth of knowledge to her position on the APS School Board. 


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Bernalillo County Commission

Julie worked for the Bernalillo County Commission in administration and policy development. She worked for County Commissioner Charlene Pyskoty of District 5. She assisted members of the community and worked on projects with the behavioral health initiative, community schools, small businesses, and other local policies.

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International Researcher

Julie is an affiliate of the largest database in the world on the status of women, the WomanStats Project. This database shows that the safety and peace of a nation is tied to the security of women. As part of her affiliation, she worked for an international non-profit that empowered women in Asia. She published her research and was asked to present her findings before Congress in Washington D.C. She plans to utilize this critical research to increase the positive outcomes for our women and children in ABQ.

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