Julie's Experience

Bernalillo County Commission

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ABC Community Schools


International Researcher

Advocate and Community Builder

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Julie Brenning is a small business owner, policy

researcher, and mother of three. She was raised in

Washington State but has chosen New Mexico to

work and raise her children. Her family goes to

Church and school in this neighborhood. Her

husband grew up here and works as an engineer. 

Julie has an undergraduate degree in Political

Science and a Master's degree in Asian Studies.

She speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and has lived

abroad. She loves being in the water, gardening in

the Southwest, playing board games and serving

her community.


Julie worked for the Bernalillo County Commission in administration and policy development. She worked for County Commissioner Charlene Pyskoty of District 5. She helped members of the community and worked on projects with the behavioral health initiative, community schools, small businesses, and other local policies. 











Julie was the Chair of the Community Schools Data and Evaluation Committee. In this position, she conducts data-driven evaluation and effectiveness of Community Schools in New Mexico. Julie worked for ABC Community Schools in Albuquerque High Schools. She worked with students, assisting them in employment skills. She received training from NM WorkForce Connections and created a new self-reliance curriculum to prepare students for work, life after high school and responsibility.




















Julie is an affiliate of the largest database in the world on the status of women, the WomanStats Project. This database shows that the safety and peace of a nation is tied to the security of women. As part of her affiliation, she worked for an international non-profit that empowered women in Asia. She published her research and was asked to present her findings before Congress in Washington D.C. She plans to utilize this critical research on keeping communities safe to fight crime here in New Mexico. 
























Julie believes that one voice can make a difference. She has attended rallies, petitioned legislators and organized events to advocate for children, education, sensible gun laws and the security of women and families.