Plan for COVID-19

Julie and her volunteers have made phone calls to thousands of voters living in HD31; the majority of these voters indicate that COVID-19 is their number one issue for the November 2020 election. Julie will lead by hearing your questions and concerns and acting upon evidence-based policy as she protects and empowers the families of HD31 during this lengthy, challenging crisis. 


Julie supports initiatives that keep our community safe, such as: wear a mask; remain six feet apart when in public, talking, or visiting; stay home whenever possible; and wash your hands.


As New Mexicans wait for a vaccine, we must ensure that our behavioral health system is supported to serve those who may be facing mental health challenges. Citizens must be assured that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are available and used and proper safety measures are in place and implemented by front-line workers. As New Mexico State Representative for HD31, Julie will do all in her power to ensure the safety of our community. 

Owning and managing two small businesses, Julie understands the effects of COVID-19 on commerce. She believes the backbone of the New Mexico economy is its dynamic small businesses. Julie will fight for tax breaks, low interest loans and stimulus packages that go directly to businesses in need. She will also promote local business initiatives encouraging customers to buy and dine locally. It is essential to the rebuilding of our regional economy that these small and local businesses feel welcome, supported, and trusted in the community. 


New Mexicans must continue to diversify the state’s economy. Continued dependence on oil has proven fatal to the state. Voters must strongly support economic diversification by endorsing new, small, and local businesses; growing tech firms; hemp growth, production, and sale; film industry expansion; and renewable energy technology. Julie will support initiatives that will increase the number of jobs in the State and fund innovative industries. 


While working for ABC Community Schools, Julie developed a strategy to enlist community leaders and partners to collaborate to help failing schools. She has conducted research for community schools and served in Albuquerque schools. Julie understands the complicated scenario facing families, students, and educators this fall. The mother of three children, the candidate personally understands the importance of education and keeping her children and the school staff safe. She is keenly aware of the importance of community schools both as places of learning and stations to receive services and care for children.


Julie immersed herself in the science behind the risk of COVID-19 on teachers, children, and school staff. She believes in the ability of community groups, their leaders, and members, to structure a comprehensive plan balancing the risks of COVID-19 to the risks related to some children not attending school.

She will assist in any efforts to leverage local ABC Community Schools and resources to serve children who will be most challenged this fall. 



It is essential that our healthcare workers and physicians have the proper PPE, funding, and support they need to take care of critical patients. Our hospitals are filling up quickly with people from out of state and this will require extra funding and resources. 


It is also essential that healthcare in NM be accessible, high quality and affordable for every single New Mexican. 


We cannot thrive as a state (economically, educationally, or elsewhere) if we are a population of people who are not healthy and do not have the resources we need to stay healthy.  Healthcare is woven into every other issue in our state legislature and it’s critical that we are caring for our people now, more than ever.  It’s also important to look forward and create a system for healthcare that is reliable and sustainable during an emergency such as this.

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