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Julie BrenninG

Community Leader

Policy consultant



"I support Julie Brenning because..."

...she knows how to support education and our kids!
...I’m confident she’ll fight to support our schools, protect our environment, and improve public safety. Go Julie!
...we share her vision for our future: safe communities, clean environment, and quality education for New Mexico's children.
...she is intelligent, motivated and has ideas to improve our district, and the energy to get things done!
...she is a breath of fresh air after 15 years of stagnation!
...of her passion and priorities for public safety, education, and the economy.
...she is very hard working. She is the mother of three young children, 7, 5 and 1, so she will work to improve our schools and universities.
...she supports common-sense gun laws that will make our families safer.
...she is determined to make a positive contribution to New Mexico’s future.  Her platform is a great vision to help families be successful.
...she cares about education!
...she will stand up for our teachers and children!
...she is a gun sense candidate!
...she is a Mom (and so am I!) who cares deeply about protecting our earth for future generations.
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